Activate your Strength


Sometimes life just naturally becomes about recognizing and analyzing the negatives.

The weak links in your life and how you can go about fixing them. Whether it’s your weight, body shape, job, relationships, confidence whatever it is, why do we tend to slip into the negatives that need to be “fixed”.

Maybe an alternative to break the negative cycle would be the polar opposite and maybe a question you haven’t asked yourself.

“What are your strengths?”

Why not emphasis your strengths and aim to excel in that way. Surely if you are confident in your strengths, than that would have a positive flow on effect into other areas of your life. Focus energy into your strengths and let them build you up.

It could add to your daily happiness to do the things you enjoy, decrease anxiety and stress over the “negatives”. Give yourself a pat on the back, and think about ways to enhance and in essence activate your strengths.

So there’s some food for thought- Activate your Strengths.


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